Manglik Dosh- A taboo

Manglik Dosh-Only a taboo

Manglik is a very popular term nowadays: It is believed that its presence in the chart has bad influence on married life. However, what most don’t know is what & whoa Manglik really is? 
The term is often brought to the knowledge of the parents during the match making of their children.It is believed that the marriage of a Manglikwitha non-Manglik results in the death of the non-Manglik & be inauspicious to the in-laws as well. If none die, then the couple faces lots of trouble in their married life.


As per the most of the astrologers when Mars is placed in the 1st| 2nd|4th| 7th| 8th| 12thHouse from the Ascendant, then the native will be Manglik.
• Presence of Mars in 1stHouse makes a person more aggressive. 
• 2nd house is the house of family and speech then the presence of mars is not desired in this house 4th house is the main house and it can aspect the 7th house.
• 7th house is the house of spouse so the presence of mars is not desired.
• 8th House is the house of death and it impacts the lifespan & is the house of in-laws too.
• 12th house gives same bad affects like 8th house,it is the main house of bed pleasure, so mars position is not desired in this house.
So the presence of Mars in 6 houses out 12 makes a person Manglik.So does it mean that that 50 % of the total world population is Manglik.
But, the story doesn’t end here: As per the so called astrologers, you have to see the position of Mars from Moon and Venus as well. If mars is placed in the 1st | 2nd| 4th| 7th| 8th| 12th from Venus & Moon then the native will be Manglik. But then, if we see the chart from all three angles then everybody in this world is Manglik.

However some cancellation of Manglik Dosh is also suggested which also varies from astrologer to astrologer, which just creates confusion nothing else.
• When Mars is in its own ruling sign, Scorpio & Aries whatever houses it may be in 
• If Mars is in the 2nd house & the sign is Virgo and Gemini
• If mars is in the 7th house with Cancer or Capricorn 
• If Mars is in 8th house and the lord of the house is Jupiter
• If Mars is in 4th&8th house with Aquarius Ascendant
• If Jupiter and Venus present in Ascendant
• If Mars is Aspect or inconjunction with Jupiter & Moon


conclusion is that Manglik dosh is nothing but deterrent among the people created by astrologers , they would suggest expensive remedy to remove the dosh, it is beyond imagination that how through remedy placement of Mars can be changed.
A Astrologer should check the chart completely after checking the planets , nakashatra and sub lord before declaring for bad married life, Mars alone can not do any harm unless it is backed by three four more planet which are bad for married life.
So there is no Manglik dosh exist at all.

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