5 life elements- Panchtatvas

All ancient sciences talk of balancing of five elements of life. For a healthy and peaceful living the balancing of these five elements is a must. Every problem is caused by the imbalance of these five elements. Let us try to understand these elements.

Earth (Prithvi)

When we talk of Earth means we are talking of stability. To all living beings Earth gives stability. Hence anything which carries heavy weight, has stability, is solid and is rough and has shape is Earthy element. Simple example of Earthy element are iron bars, stones, bricks, heavy logs of wood, T-Iron, slab, concrete etc. are considered as earthy elements which are primarily used for construction of building at initial stage. They are responsible for shape, stability, strength and age of the building. 

When we talk of eatables any food which is heavier than water is considered earthy element like wheat, rice, jaggery or staple food. All taste sweet.

Qualities – heavy, rough, solid, stable, dense, resistance
Substance – anything solid and heavy 

Water (Jala or Apa)

Water element has weight but it does not carry stability and does not have shape either. You can judge it from water. Water flows. It can not be stable and it takes the shape of the utensil it is kept in. Water is used for cooling as well as lubrication. When we talk of building construction water is required for bondage between cement, stone dust, concrete and Iron bars.

When we talk of eatables water, drinks, soups, cucumber, melons can come into water element.

Qualities – weight, moist, cool, fluidity, no specific shape, lubrication 
Substance – anything liquid, fluid or watery .

Fire (Agni or Tejas)

Fire element is hot, sharp, dry and rough and is weightless. Fire element has luster and is attractive.  When we talk of construction of building then we can relate fiery element in building construction is required for making bricks. Paints, whitewash etc. is attributed to Fire element. Fire element also signifies radiation to heat and light. Henceforth tube light, bulbs etc. also signify fire element. Fire element increases glow. When we talk of food items then chilies, ginger, pepper, clove, cumin fall into this category.

Qualities – hot, sharp, dry, subtle, weightless and rough 
Substance – anything combustible and spicy.

Air ( Vayu)

Air element is weightless, mobile, cool and noisy. We can understand by the example of musical instruments like table, mridang, drums are hollow and because of that they make sound. Similarly when you speak air comes out of it. In construction this element is residual of chemical reactions and evaporation is required for setting the RCC etc. Excess of this element in building or human body indicates aging process. When we talk of food items beans, alcohol etc. have this element in abundance. Consuming excess alcohol increases instability in the body.  

Qualities – weightless, mobile, cool, dry, porous, noise and subtle 
Substance – anything dry and airy, or that creates gas.

Space (Akash)

The element is difficult to understand however it is hollowness or which gives room or looseness or openness. Everything is contained in space. All heavenly bodies that we see in the sky is in space. When we have to change place we have to make room. When we have to adjust anything we need room.  When we talk of food items hollow foods like pop corn, catechu, fennel fall into this category.Qualities – soft, light, subtle and abundant. 
Substance – anything that is light, profuse, and ethereal .

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